Some stuff about me

I am currently working as a

full stack developer



and as a





I mostly build tech startups since they hit me on all my sweet spots. The creativity, leadership, innovation and sense of community I get from this kind of work are the reasons I like building startups.

As a 100% self-taught developer one of the qualities I needed was to learn how to learn. Thankfully this came naturally during my middle and high school years when I was testing out different tech stacks. Good thing that came out of this is that I am now a very fast learner and I like to try out different stuff all the time. My


list is usually full as you can see at the

bottom of this page


I am also very into self-improvement and building passive income. Lately I have been into cryptocurrency investing.

For anyone wondering this is my

startup status


  • Dead: 2


  • Alive: 1